what's poppin?

A snack that pairs well with any of life's memorable moments.

a family business

Popcorn has always been a staple in our family and building our own popcorn brand seemed like a dream come true. We consider ourselves popcorn connoisseurs and only use the finest ingredients to enrich the taste of our product. We hope our delicious popcorn with a flavorful twist will fill your belly and warm your hearts. Come and visit us!

a flavor for every occasion

With over 39 flavors, there’s something for everyone in the family!


The natural goodness that only comes from hours of slow roasting perfection. You’ll never want to go back to fast food after tasting the caramel-y, mouth-watering, scrumptiousness!


We give you the ability to cheat on your diet without anyone finding out. You can enjoy a sweet treat that won’t make you feel like you missed out on something!


Pineapple flavored popcorn is the perfect treat to satiate your Hawaiian culinary cravings. Made with real pineapple and popped fresh for you, this delicious snack will delight both your eyes and taste buds.

GR beer cheese

The perfect pairing for your favorite brew, this flavor combines the suds of a well-crafted IPA with the hearty and appetizing cheese flavor.

This is just a sample

Take a look and find a flavor that right for you. There’s plenty to choose from.

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